Chief Editor's Welcome Message

It has been two years since I was given the privilege to serve as the Chief Editor of the ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry. It has been a great pleasure for me to have done my duty for the journal despite the constant demand that it required.

Recognizing the challenges faced by the 2-yearly rotating set of editorial board and the need for constant board members for stability of the journal, it was decided during the last AFPMH committee meeting that Malaysia should host the editorship for another two years. Again, I have been chosen to continue this honourable duty, a responsibility I accepted with great honour.

Over the past two years, the journal has not undergone a major change. However, important to its continuing growth, regular and timely publication has been ensured. On a positive note, there has been a steady increase of articles received for publication indicating a growing interest among researchers to publish their work in this journal. The journal has published per issue, an average of 14 articles of mixed variety, from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

The board has taken an initiative in the direction of indexing the journal. The journal has been selected by the WPA Publication Task Force to receive technical guide on the process of indexation. It was represented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marhani Midin and Dr Ng Beng Yeong in a Workshop for Editors from Low and Middle Income Countries (LAMIC) held by the committee in August 2010. The strengths and weaknesses of the journal were highlighted by the committee. A few recommendations were made to increase chances for a successful indexation. These include the need for a more constant editorial board and to include, in the board, members from as many participating countries as well as renounced researchers from the larger international world; and the need for a more regular of at least a quarterly publication per year.

Important to note, it was also advised that a balance should be exercised between making changes to achieve indexation and ensuring enough resource capacity to maintain the new changes, otherwise, the survival of the journal may be put at stake.

We hope to be able to bring about gradual changes in the near future for a successful indexation and more importantly for the improvement of the journal. I would like to express my gratitude and thankfulness to those who have supported me during the last two years and to those who are going to be with me in our journey of bringing the journal to another height.

Hatta Sidi
MBBS, MMed (Psych), DipSHC
Editor-in-Chief, ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry (2011 - 2012)