Chief Editor's Welcome Message

Since 1981, the ASEAN Federation of Psychiatry and Mental Health had inspired ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry. After more than 18 years founded, ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry is probably the oldest regional journal in the Asian continent. I think now is the right time to index the publication of the journal as a permanent online publication to facilitate accessibility and ongoing continuity, especially in this region.

The objective of ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry that was founded in 1991 is to disseminate current and contemporary knowledge in the field of mental health and psychiatry, especially in this region that is rich with cultural diversity, to the international scientific community.

For a journal to be indexed, it has to be brought to the Committee for review. There will be few domains of the journal that have to be considered before it is indexed. These domains cover the quality of content, quality of editorial work, production quality and audience. For the quality of content, ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry has achieved the criteria for validity, importance, originality, and contribution to the coverage of the field on the overall contents from the ASEAN region primarily. For the quality of editorial work, the journal has demonstrated features that contribute to the objectivity, credibility, and quality of its contents. So far we are selecting articles from various ASEAN countries as well as from other parts of the world. Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand has regularly contributed to the Journal for the past 3 years. We have managed to publish the Journal regularly ie. 2 issues annually for the past 4 years and hope that it will continue on its production quality and regularity. Since it is free for access (, researchers, practitioners, educators, administrators, and students, especially in the area of mental health can benefit from the journal website. To date, we have substantial publication in the areas of : reports of original research, case reports with discussion and descriptions of evaluation of methods or procedures.

ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry is a research journal devoted to reporting original investigations in the biomedical and mental health sciences, including research in the basic sciences, effectiveness of diagnostic or therapeutic techniques and studies relating to the behavioral, epidemiological, or educational aspects of medicine. For the editorial board, we wish to have the Journal being reviewed for possible indexing in MEDLINE (MEDLINE Review Application Form" at

We do hope the next editor from Singapore (2011 - 2012) will work towards this direction, that is to index this "old" Journal for its scientific merit to be recognized internationally. It is my hope that the rotation of the editorship biennially would not delay this good trend of zest.

Hatta Sidi
MBBS, MMed (Psych), DipSHC
Editor-in-Chief, ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry (2010 - 2011)