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Psychotherapy Training – Opportunities For Improving Competency Through International Collaboration

César A Alfonso, Aida S A Adlan, Hazli Zakaria, Aili Hashim, Eizwan Hamdie Yusoff


The practice of psychotherapy has been standardized globally with the goal of developing skills sets in cognitive-behavioral, supportive and psychodynamic interventions, as well as other evidence based psychosocial treatments. While many international academics propose developing expertise by adhering to a particular or preferred theoretical framework, clinicians in underserved areas are faced with the challenge of integration, combining treatment modalities, cultural adaptation of standardized therapies [1], and translating theory into technique in everyday practice [2]. Working in high-volume clinics or hospital settings with scarce resources and limited time to evaluate and treat patients with complex multimorbidities compounds the challenge of providing adequate care in a timesensitive fashion. If the task of psychiatrists implementing psychotherapy treatment algorithms in these settings seems daunting, it is equally challenging to effectively supervise psychiatric trainees who serve the same patients.

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