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‘Between Us And Them’ - Understanding Stigma And Stigmatization Among People With Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) / Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) In Sumatera Island, Indonesia

Muhammad Arsyad Subu, Amira Esti, Feri Fernandes, Rika Fatmadona, Heppy Sasmita


Objective: People living with HIV/AIDS have been the targets of stigma. For those with HIV/AIDS, stigma has created dire circumstances in the workplace, healthcare and in social settings. There is limited information on stigma among people living with HIV/AIDS West Sumatera in Sumatera Island Indonesia. The purpose of this research is to understand how stigma and stigmatisation among people living with HIV/AIDS in their daily lives.

Methods: The study design was Charmaz’s Constructivist Grounded Theory. Data was collected by semi-structured interviews, document reviews, and field notes and memos of 25 participants at Ahmad Muchtar Hospital Sumatera. Data analysis used Paillé.

Results: The research found 4 categories: (1) denial, (2) low self-esteem, (3) rejection and isolation, and (4) fear. HIV AIDS stigma becomes another life obstacle of people who are already faced with social and economic obstacles.

Conclusions: The findings provide some useful information to be incorporated into healthcare education directed toward enabling current and future providers of health services to help people with HIV/AIDS in Sumatera Island Indonesia. Stigma remains a clinical and social justice priority to provide ongoing support for people with HIV/AIDS, to develop and evaluate both general and more targeted anti-stigma interventions. Further researches are needed to understand the stigma toward people with HIV/AIDS in Sumatra Island from families’ and communities’ perspectives. 

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Stigma; HIV/AIDS; Grounded Theory; Sumatra Island; Indonesia

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