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Experiencing Negative Thoughts? Write It On Paper, Crumple It And Discard It

Yasmin Othman Mydin, Syed Hassan Ahmad Al Mashoor, Zul Azlin Razali


Objective: The present experimental study aims to investigate the effectiveness of behavioural techniques combined with cognitive techniques to reduce the negative thinking. 

Method and Result: The three steps of the behavioural techniques used were such as write the negative thoughts on a paper, then crumple the paper and throw it away. While the cognitive technique is to imagine that the thoughts are being removed from the mind while throwing it away. Nine students participated in this present study. Perseverative Thinking Questionnaire (PTQ) was used to measure the repetitive negative thinking before and after intervention. Participants completed the questionnaire once before the intervention and after the intervention. The post-intervention result of Wilcoxon Signed-rank test revealed that there was significant reduction (Z = 2.60, p =.009) in negative thinking. 

Conclusion: The result indicates that these techniques are effective and can be a quick way to gain relieve from negative thinking.

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Negative thinking; Write it; Throw it

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