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Inhalant Dependence: Is There A Role Of Achieving Abstinent Through Supported Employment? A Case Report

Radhiahtul Akmal Razali, Ahmad Faizal Shamsuddin, Suzaily Wahab, Abdul Kadir Abu Bakar


Objective: This case report highlights the success of community services and supported employment program that may be of help to a woman with chronic inhalant use to achieve a complete abstinence.

Methods: We report the case of a 45 year old lady who chronically abused glue, presented after 10 years with substance induced psychosis and comorbid mood disorder. 

Results: Abstinent from inhalant dependence was achieved after series of home treatment services and supported employment program.

Conclusion: Provision of acute community service and incorporating this patient in supported employment program contribute to her successful journey in achieving abstinence from inhalant dependence. 

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Inhalant Dependence; Abstinent; Supported Employment

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